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NepXpress Nepal

Buddhanagar Kathmandu, Nepal. 44600 +97714793933 | +97714793934

NepXpress UAE

Alphamed Building #M18, Abu Hail Dubai, UAE Office: +971 56 994 1556 | +971 58 996 0904.

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Queens, New York, United States of America USA Office: +1 917-456-6431.

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Sunday - Friday : 9:30 am - 6:00 pm

Our services will close only on priror Notice!

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working more than 6 Years providing Instant Home Delivery Service in Nepal, we have always focused on improvising our services.

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Instant Local Delivery Services within 2 hours Max.


We take care of every consignments serously.


Services starting on an equivalent Get Quote of an icecream.